Printing Overview – Three Ways to Print


Meet the CapeSpace Printers

Our Konica Minolta Color Printer will print, copy, scan and fax in color or black and white.

It has two paper trays:

  1. Upper tray – letter size paper
  2. Lower tray – either legal size or 11 x 17 paper (see front desk for assistance with changing the paper)

Its IP address is

Three Ways to Print

1. Print Remotely

This is recommended for long term members who will be doing frequent printing. It will allow you to wirelessly send documents from your device directly to the printer. We do this through an app called Ezeep. To be set up to print through Ezeep please see a CapeSpace staff member.

2. Print by Email

If you just need a quick, occasional document printed the easiest method is to email the document it to us and we’ll print it for you. Email it to and put “Please Print” in the subject line. We recommend this for infrequent, low volume printing as long as your document is not confidential.

3. Print from Flash Drive

For medium volume printing this method works best for members and guests alike. Please click “How to Print from Flash Drive” for instructions.