About Us

We are experiencing a revolution in the way people work. This is the age of the independent mobile worker. If you are self-employed, telecommute, or work primarily on your own or on the road, you are one of these workers. There are over 30 million of you in the United States alone.

Why is this happening? Monumental changes in technology, the economy, and the quality of life/work perceptions of upcoming generations have all played a part. But as these dramatic changes have taken place in the workforce, very little has changed in the physical workplace – until recently. Now it’s time for workspace to catch up.

Today’s workforce wants many things, most critical of which are flexibility, economy, convenience, and social interaction. Shared workspace operations are popping up all over the world to fill this need. They replace the access to resources and the sense of belonging that workers lost when they left the traditional corporate headquarters.

Three-seat conference room at CapeSpace Mashpee

20+ Years of Experience

What inspired me to open CapeSpace? First, watching the phenomenon of shared workspace take hold in the commercial real estate industry where I have spent most of my career, second by my own frustration with trying to work from home, and ultimately from research in the community which indicated the Cape was ready for a new way to work.

Business Lounge at CapeSpace Hyannis
three person office room
meeting with everyone 6 feet apart
two people in meeting room with dividers between them
Business Lounge at CapeSpace Hyannis
CapeSpace cafe featuring coffee machine

Why is CapeSpace a Better Way to Work?

It's more affordable.

Less expensive than conventional office lease arrangements.

It's convenient.

Everything you need to run your business is there. You just bring your laptop and phone and go to work.

It requires no long-term commitment.

Memberships are available on a short-term or long-term basis.

It requires no full-time commitment.

Memberships are available on a part-time or full-time basis.

It requires no upfront capital.

You don’t have to renovate space or purchase furniture or equipment.

It requires no administrative effort.

Focus on managing your business instead of managing the office.

We have OpenCape.

The Cape’s fastest and most reliable wifi service.

Most of all, it's energizing.

It offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many independent and mobile workers feel when working at home or in solitary conventional offices. And it offers a functional alternative to the annoyances and inconveniences of working in coffee shops or other “third places.”
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About Our Wifi

CapeSpace is proud to partner with broadband provider OpenCape to deliver the Cape’s fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi.

OpenCape internet access is delivered over the OpenCape 100% fiber optic network, providing resilient fiber connections with unmatched upload and download speeds.