Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Effective July 6, 2020

These new Rules & Regulations have been designed to help you with frequently asked questions about CapeSpace usage, and to incorporate new measures that have been necessitated by the COVID19 pandemic.  Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with this information, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

1. Important Contact Information & Other Resources

  • Primary Staff Contact Method – To contact our staff for any reason please send us an email at  All of our staff will see this email and someone will get back to you very quickly
  • Emergency Contact – If you are at one of our entrances and your Kisi isn’t working send us a text at 508-300-9709.  This number can also be used for off-hour emergencies.
  • Website Pages
    • Member Portal – Our Member Portal is a tool available to all Members which you can access at any time by clicking the Login button in the upper right corner of the home page of our website and entering your Wi-Fi credentials.  There you will be able to view invoices, update personal and payment information, make reservations, and access other Member benefits.  If you would like at tour of our Member Portal please email us at and we will be happy to walk you through it. 
    • Terms & Conditions Full Text – To access the full text of our Terms & Conditions and the most up to date version of these Rules & Regulations, go to and scroll to the bottom of the home page.
    • Tech Support – To access our Support page, go to and click the Support button in the upper right corner.

2. Staffing & Business Hours

Many of our new policies are designed to minimize the number of people in our spaces at any given time.  To that end, our staff will be working remotely part of the time, so there will be times when there is no CapeSpace staff present.

Fortunately, we have technology that allows our team to service our Members remotely.  Someone will always be available during business hours, which are 8:00AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday except holidays (you can see a list of holidays we observe on the Hours page of our website).  For assistance just email us at  If it is during business hours someone will get back to you within a few minutes.  During off-hours it will be within a few hours.  If you have an emergency during off hours you can send a text message to 508-300-9709.

3. Accessing CapeSpace

Our entrances are equipped with electronic readers which respond to a mobile app called Kisi.  When you sign up for Membership, you will be given Kisi access which will allow you to open the door using your mobile phone during the hours applicable to your Membership type.

Our staff is able to open these doors remotely, so if you have trouble with Kisi you can text us at 508-300-9709 and we will buzz you in.

While you are here, please wear your facemask at all times except as otherwise indicated in this document.  And please observe fastidious handwashing practices for the safety of yourself and your fellow Members.


4. Business Lounge

  • Seating
    • Under normal circumstances, all Members and guests have access to all of our common areas, however until further notice, it is necessary to place restrictions on business lounge usage due to COVID19.Seating in the business lounge is reserved for Members who have Membership plans that include Business Lounge hours (please see Section 12 for information on guest management).Seating at a workstation in the business lounge may be reserved by logging onto the Member Portal.  Reservations are not required but they are recommended to ensure that a workstation will be available for you when you arrive. 
  • Cleanliness
    • All Members are kindly requested to help maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the common areas (lounges, café, conference rooms, print/copy areas, restrooms, etc.).  Leave any space you have used as you found it, taking any belongings or debris with you.  Trash receptacles are located throughout the facility for your convenience.  The common areas will be professionally cleaned each morning before the start of business hours.  We have placed disinfectant wipes, spray bottles and paper towels throughout the common areas and we request that you follow a gym-like procedure of wiping down surfaces before and after use.
  • Layout of Furnishings
    • The furnishings in the common areas have been carefully placed for appropriate COVID19 distancing, so it is very important that you please do not move any furniture in the lounge.  If you have any problems with seating please ask a staff Member for assistance.
  • Phones
    • CapeSpace has sound masking technology designed to maintain comfortable acoustics in the open areas.  You are welcome conduct phone calls in the common areas and we ask you to follow these rules:-Be considerate of your neighbors.  Talk in a normal tone of voice.  You do not have to shout to be heard.-Do not use speaker phones or hands-free computer audio.  Handset or headset is required.
    • If you have to make calls that will generate higher-than-normal voice volumes or last for extended periods of time, we request that you book a private room.  If you are unsure about whether a call is appropriate to take in the common areas, please see staff for assistance.
  • Facemasks
    • Because we have carefully spaced and/or partitioned our workstations, you do not need to wear a mask when seated at a workstation.  Please wear your facemask at all other times.
  • Belongings
    • Even though we have a central coat rack, due to COVID19 we request that you keep your coat and all other belongings with you at your workstation.
  • Traffic Flow
    • Please observe any directional signage posted in the common areas.  These are designed to minimize instances of travelers bumping into one another.

5. Conference Rooms & Phone Booths

  • Conference Rooms
    • All conference rooms must be booked and paid for on an hourly basis.  If you have conference room credits as part of your Membership, they will automatically be applied (unused hours do not carry over from month to month).  Conference rooms can be reserved by logging onto the Member Portal or by contacting our staff at conference rooms have a minimum reservation of 30 minutes.  If your meeting runs late, you may keep the room past your reserved time as long you don’t conflict with subsequent reservations.  Overage usage will be billed in 15 minute increments.Please note that due to COVID19 our conference room capacity has been reduced to allow for distancing, and the rooms are equipped with sneeze guards for additional protection.  The number of chairs in the room are the maximum capacity for the room.  You may not bring additional chairs into the conference rooms.You may use your own discretion as to whether you want your meeting attendees to wear facemasks while inside a conference room.  Guests may leave the conference room to get coffee or use the restroom, but may not sit in the common areas and must wear masks any time they are outside the conference room.
  • Phone Booth/Zoom Rooms
    • Phone Booths/Zoom Rooms are available to all Members free of charge for up to two hours per day and must be reserved through the Member Portal.  If you need one of these rooms for more than two hours please contact us at and we’ll make the extended reservation for you.  Usage in excess of two hours per day will be billed at the rate of $5 per half hour.Users of conference rooms and phone booths are required to follow the rules posted in each room.  In general, all Members are kindly directed to vacate the rooms at the end of your reserved time, ensure that the room is cleared of all belongings, and place any debris in the provided receptacles.

6. Cafe

  • Beverages
    • All CapeSpace Members and their guests are welcome to help themselves to our complimentary beverage bar.  Due to COVID19 we have stocked the kitchen with disposable cups and utensils, and individual condiments.  Members with dedicated full time space may prefer to use your own reusable items;  if you do please wash them after use and store them in your office or at your dedicated workstation.  Items left in the sink may not find their way back to you.
  • Refrigerator
    • The top shelf of the refrigerator is reserved for snack items offered for sale, but Members are welcome to use all other shelves to store personal items.  Containers of food left in the refrigerator for too long may be thrown out at any time at the discretion of CapeSpace staff.  Labeling your food with your name is advised.
  • Other Equipment
    • Our café is equipped with a microwave and toaster for your use.  Hot water is available from the coffee brewer.  Cold water and ice are available from the refrigerator door.
  • Cleanliness
    • All Members are asked to help maintain the cleanliness of the café by claning up after yourself and your guests.  The café will be professionally cleaned and the trash emptied every morning before the start of business hours.  If you notice overflowing trash or other cleaning problems in the café please alert a staff Member.Due to COVID19 for the time being we have eliminated all reusable items from the café.  If you choose to use your own reusable coffee mug or other utensil, please clean them yourself and store them in your office or at your workstation.  We do not provide dish cleaning service, and dishes left in the sink or in the dishwasher may not find their way back to you.  
  • Facemasks
    • Obviously if you are eating you will need to remove your mask.  Please observe distancing to the extent possible while eating, and wear your mask at all other times in the café.  
  • Snacks
    • CapeSpace offers snacks for sale in the café.  You can pay for your snacks by leaving cash in the jar provided or emailing us about your purchase and we will add it to your account. 


7. Printing & Copying Equipment

CapeSpace Members have access to our print/copy/scan/fax equipment.  

We do our printing through a universal driver app called Ezeep, and in order to photocopy, scan or fax you will need a printer code.  To be set up on Ezeep and assigned a printer code, simply email us at

Instructions for operating the equipment, as well as page rates, are posted by the printer and on the Support page of our website.

If you have excessively large copy or print jobs, please discuss with a CapeSpace staff Member before proceeding so that we can ensure reasonable printer access for all Members.

8. Understanding Your Membership

To understand what is included in your particular membership plan, or what, if any, additional charges may apply, please visit the applicable pricing page on our website.  This will always be the most current source of this information. If we make any substantive changes to your plan you will be notified by email but minor updates are always being made to our offerings so please consult the website or a staff member if you are looking for the most up to date information on our plans, pricing, services and specials.

9. Private Offices

  • Cleaning
    • If you would like your wastebasket emptied, please leave it outside your door.  It will be emptied by the cleaning service the following morning before the start of business hours.
    • If you would like vacuuming or other cleaning in your office, send us an email at and we will instruct the cleaning service to take care of it the next morning.
  • Furniture
    • Your office comes furnished as specified in your License Agreement.  Due to COVID19 our furniture placement is very precise.  You can rearrange furniture in your office but you may not take furniture from other parts of CapeSpace without our permission.You are welcome to bring pieces of your own furniture in.  You must get our approval for these pieces so we can be sure that they do not violate code requirements and do not conflict with our aesthetics.  You must also provide proof of insurance from your mover.  If we approve furniture for you we will provide you with the specifications for the Certificate of Insurance.If you would like us to provide you with additional furniture, we can do that for additional rental charges and we are happy to discuss options and give you a quote.
  • Insurance
    • As stated above we need proof of insurance from your mover if you intend to move any approved furniture into your office.  We do not require, but we strongly recommend, that you carry contents and liability insurance.  We have an insurance agent right here onsite that can assist you with obtaining this coverage.  If interested please contact our staff and we will put you in touch with an agent.  Or stop by Suite 117 in our Hyannis location and visit our friends at Bayberry Insurance.
  • Walls
    • Unless you have signed a license agreement which explicitly states otherwise, you may not affix anything to the walls inside your office or anywhere else in CapeSpace without written permission from CapeSpace.  
  • Damages
    • Any costs we incur for damage as a result of noncompliance with these regulations will be charged to you with a 25% markup.
  • Radios/Music
    • If you are in a private office you may play your own radio or other music device.  Please either keep your volue low or keep your door closed so as not to disturb those in the common areas.


10. Virtual Office Members

  • Visiting CapeSpace
    • If you are a Virtual Office Member you are probably not spending much time in our physical spaces.  If you do visit us, please remember to observe the Rules & Regulations contained herein.
  • Mail Pickup
    • Until further notice we are unable to offer mail pickup services except for oversized packages and genuinely time-sensitive mail.  All other mail will be managed through our mobile mail app and you will be able to choose to forward, scan or shred each individual mail piece.  Any allowable mail pickup must be done by appointment.
  •  Changes to USPS Form 1583
    • If you were required at signup to complete USPS Form 1583, it is your responsibility to notify us if any of the information contained in the 1583 changes and to provide an amended 1583.  Please see staff for assistance with the form.
  • Termination of Mail Services
    • Upon termination of your services at CapeSpace, you may NOT file a change of address form with the USPS.The USPS requires us to continue to forward your mail for six months following termination of your membership unless you notify us in writing that you would like your mail destroyed.  Standard forwarding charges will apply.  At the end of six months your mail will be returned to the USPS.

11. Guests

Members with private offices and Business Lounge Memberships may have up to three guests per day and those guests may stay for up to two hours unless they are part of a meeting in a reserved conference room.   Guests must be inside a private office or reserved conference room at all times.

Members expecting guests must follow this procedure:

  • Register each guest in advance by emailing with the guest’s full name, contact information (phone and/or email), and expected date and time of arrival.
  • Provide your guests with instructions on how to contact you when they arrive.
  • Meet your guests at the entrance, ensure that they are wearing a facemask, and escort them to your office or to a reserved conference room.

Guests must wear facemasks when travelling through the common areas.  Guests may not sit in the common areas and must leave CapeSpace at the end of their appointment.

For any visitors arriving without Member contact information, there will be a staff text number on the door.  These visitors will be able to send a text message to this number and one of our staff will assist them.  Please do not push the door open for any visitors other than your own guests.  

These measures are designed to help us maintain a visitor log for contact tracing purposes.

You are responsible for ensuring that your guests comply with all of these Rules and Regulations.

12. Keys

If you have a private office or dedicated workstation, you may be given a set of keys according to your Membership plan or agreed upon in your License Agreement. Additional keys may be available for additional fees at then-posted rates. Replacement fees will be charged for lost keys at then-posted rates.

13. Children & Pets

CapeSpace appreciates that sometimes situations necessitate bringing children to work with you.  In these cases, please manage your children to ensure a productive environment for all Members.  Children may not occupy the common areas; they must be in your private office or in a reserved conference room.

No pets other than service dogs are allowed in any area of CapeSpace at any time.

14. Professional Behavior

  • General
    • CapeSpace expects polite, professional behavior from all its Members, and expressly prohibits any action by you or your guests that unreasonably disturbs staff or other Members. Such actions include but are not limited to shouting, using profanity, making indecent comments, engaging in indecent activity, sharing of any unsolicited materials of a personal or political nature, and taking photographs without permission.
    • CapeSpace Members are expected to refrain from unsolicited social interaction of a personal or political nature, whether during or after business hours. Such interactions may make the recipient uncomfortable and are considered unacceptable by CapeSpace.
    • CapeSpace does not tolerate the discrimination or harassment of its Members or staff on the basis of race, gender or sexual orientation.
    • If you believe you have been a recipient of any such behavior, please bring it to our attention immediately.
  •  Dress Code
    • CapeSpace is a professional office in a seaside resort area.  As such we like to keep things casual but still maintain an atmosphere of professionalism.  By all means we encourage our Members to be comfortable at work but please avoid beachy or sloppy attire and please wear shoes at all times.
  • Overnight Use
    • Sleeping in CapeSpace overnight is expressly prohibited.


15. Supplies & Equipment

CapeSpace provides staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, hole punchers and other typical office supplies located near the copy machine and at other locations around the common areas.  We also have monitors available on a first-come-first-served basis, as well as other electronic accessories like charges, adapters, and power cables.   And as we remain in the COVID19 pandemic, we have placed hand sanitizer and disinfectant throughout the common areas.  All of these items are provided for the use and convenience of our Members during their stay here.  You may not take these items home with you and or move them from their locations.     

16. COVID19

Many of the new Rules & Regulations have been designed to create as safe an environment as possible for our Members while we remain in the pandemic.  Attached hereto and made part hereof is our Health & Safety Statement which details other measures we have taken to this end.

While the pandemic situation appears to be under control in Massachusetts at the time of this writing, the virus is surging in other parts of the country and is still present in the environment.  It is therefore important that we all follow the safety precautions put in place by governmental authorities and individual establishments.  If you do not feel that you can adhere to these Rules & Regulations, we recommend that you find an alternative to using CapeSpace.

Please also be aware that as the pandemic situation changes, CapeSpace may from time to time make changes to the Rules & Regulations, in which case you will be notified by email.  A current version of this document will always be available on our website.

CapeSpace will enforce to the best of our ability a strict policy that any Employee, Member, or guest who is not feeling well in any way must notify a CapeSpace staff Member and immediately leave our premises.  In such a case, as in the case of elevated temperature scans, CapeSpace will use our discretion to determine what if any further steps will be taken.

Any Employee, Member or guest who has been in CapeSpace and is later diagnosed with COVID19 must notify CapeSpace immediately.  In this case, CapeSpace will notify the Board of Health in accordance with CDC guidelines, and unless there is compelling evidence that the following actions are unnecessary, the impacted CapeSpace location will: i) close immediately, ii) notify Members of the incidence, iii) conduct a thorough cleaning, and iv) later advise Members when it is safe to return.

17. Honor System

As explained in Section 2, we will have limited onsite staff for the foreseeable future as we continue to monitor and adjust precautions based on the progress of the pandemic.

Therefore, we will obviously not be able to police these rules and regulations every minute of the day.  We trust our Members to understand that these measures are designed to provide a safe and productive environment for everyone and to follow the honor system as an invested Member of our community.

These Rules and Regulations supplement the Terms and Conditions incorporated into your License Agreement.  The full text of the Terms and Conditions is available on our website at,and may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of CapeSpace LLC.  By using the Space or the CapeSpace Website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions, the Rules and Regulations, and any Health and Safety Guidelines promulgated by CapeSpace, regardless of whether or not you have executed a License Agreement with CapeSpace.