Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to wear a facemask at all times?

A: Yes, you must wear a facemask at all times unless you are in a private room alone with the door closed.  If you are in a private room with the door closed you may remove your mask but you must wipe the worksurface down when you leave.  Cleaning stations are located throughout our spaces.

Q: How do I get onto the internet?

A: Select our Wi-Fi network (CapeSpace Wi-Fi), attempt to access a website (try to bring up our login screen.  If you are a member, enter your login and password; if you are a non-member enter your access code.

Q: Can I make phone calls in the common areas?

A: Yes!  Just be considerate of neighbors and talk in a normal tone of voice.  No speaker phones or hands-free computer audio please.  Handset or headset required.  DON’T SHOUT!

Q: How do I reserve a private office or conference room?

A: Reserve by logging onto our member portal or by emailing us at  Phone booths/zoom rooms are available free to members up to two hours per day.  Rates for all other rooms can be found at

Q: How can I print or make a photocopy?

A: You will need a code.  Please contact us at to be set up for printing and copying.

Q: How do I log onto the member portal?

A: Go to our website at .  Click the Login button in the upper right corner.  Use your Wi-Fi credentials to log on.

Q: Should I open the door for people knocking?

A: NO.  We have a system for handling visitors at the door.  Please do not let them in unless they are your own expected and registered guests.

Q: How do I register a guest?

A: Go to our website at and click the “Members Only Guest Registration” button in the upper right corner.

Q: Can I move furniture or affix anything to the walls?

A: NO.  Our furniture has been carefully placed for distancing.  Please do not move any furniture.  Charges may apply if you damage our walls or furniture.

Q: Do I need to clean up after myself?

A: Yes, please be considerate of the next user and leave areas you have occupied as you found them.  Please do not leave dishes in the sink.  They may not find their way back to you.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem/question and there is no staff here?

A: If you have a tech problem head to the Support page on our website.  Go to and click the Support button in the upper right corner.  For additional tech help or any other kind of help, send us an email at  If you have a (real) emergency, call or text Robbin at 508-221-3455.

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