Employer’s Guide to Coworking

Many employers with remote work policies provide their employees the ability to work from coworking centers as an alternative to working from home. This page is designed to introduce the concept of coworking for employers who may not be familiar with coworking or are considering coworking options for their remote teams.

CapeSpace is a full-service coworking center with two locations on Cape Cod. We offer professional workspace and meeting space on flexible terms, and we count many remote employees of large companies among our membership.


Coworking centers offer desks or workstations in communal work areas, accessible through a gym/club-style membership. Users pay a monthly fee and use the workspace as needed.

Coworking centers are fully furnished and offer standard business amenities including internet service, copy/print/scan/fax/shred equipment and coffee. Most also offer phone booths and/or private offices that can be rented by the hour for when users need privacy, and conference rooms for when users need to meet with others.

Some coworking centers also offer private rooms for rent by the month, and some offer dedicated workstations that allow the member to have his or her own space and the ability to leave belongings at the workstation between visits.

Coworking members bring their own laptops and mobile phones but most everything else is provided by the coworking center.

A coworking membership for an individual in a typical coworking center would include a one-time setup fee and a monthly membership fee. Most offer a few different plans, including part-time and full-time options that members can choose based on their expected usage. Most plans are very flexible, usually month-to-month arrangements with minimal notice to terminate.

For corporate users, the employer typically pays one membership fee based on the number of employees who would be using the coworking space. Rates and features are often customized, as enterprise needs vary from one employer to another.

Most coworking centers are flexible in terms of invoicing and payment. Employers can choose to have one membership plan with centralized billing and payment. But employers can also take advantage of group membership rates while still having employees billed individually and reimbursed through their company’s expense reimbursement procedures.

  • Employees have a professional workspace with reliable internet service and without the distractions of the home environment.
  •  According to surveys, workers are significantly more productive in coworking spaces than in their homes.
  • Remote teams benefit from being able to work side by side and from being around other professionals.
  • Remote workers have access to professional meeting space for live meetings and for quiet zoom sessions with professional backgrounds and reliable connections.
  • The company can have a dedicated local business address and receive mail and packages at the coworking center.
  • Coworking is economical and flexible. There are none of the high costs and commitment associated with opening conventional satellite offices, and they are easy to scale up and down as needed.
  • Coworking plans can easily be set up without the need for paying fees to brokers.
  •  According to a Harvard Business Review study, remote workers with company-paid coworking center memberships feel that their employers take their needs seriously and they feel more valued and connected.

CapeSpace individual memberships range from $99 per month for a part-time plan to $299 per month for a dedicated workstation loaded with benefits. Full details on individual membership plans can be found at www.capespace.com. Corporate programs are customized depending on each organization’s needs and may be discounted.

Coworking centers are a great benefit to offer remote employees.  But a corporate membership can also benefit your company by acting as an extension of your corporate headquarters, offering professional offsite meeting space when you need confidentiality, undistracted productivity or training/development facilities.

CapeSpace has multiple sizes and styles of private rooms in both locations and booking them is as easy as making a restaurant reservation.

CapeSpace Locations

CapeSpace offers two convenient locations on Cape Cod.

100 Independence Drive

Located in the center of Hyannis, the Cape’s business and transportation hub, close to airport, ferry and bus terminals and offering easy access to a wide range of shopping, dining and other services.

13 Steeple Street

Located in the center of Mashpee Commons, a world-renowned open-air mixed-use development conveniently located in Mashpee at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 151, offering acres of retail, dining, residential and other services.

Both locations have plenty of free parking and available 24/7 access.

About CapeSpace Internet Service

The Cape Cod region has limited connectivity options for residential customers. Most homes and in fact most businesses do not have access to fiber. CapeSpace is able to offer 100% fiber optic secure, resilient and redundant internet service from OpenCape (visit opencape.org for more information on our provider). We maintain a secure network with both Wi-Fi and wired connections available. We provide ample bandwidth but can also offer dedicated additional bandwidth to customers with heavy data requirements.


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