How to Print from a USB Flash Drive

Close up of metal USB flash drive connected to laptop on wood desk

Step 1.  If you don’t already have one, ask the front desk for a printer code.

Step 2.  Convert your file to a pdf and save on the flash drive.  The printer will only print pdf files.

Step 3.  Enter your printer code and press Login.

Step 4.  Insert flash drive into USB port on right side of printer.  After a few seconds, a pop-up dialogue on the printer screen will appear

Step 5.  Select “Print a document from external memory.”  You will see a list of the files on your flash drive

Step 6.  Navigate to the file you would like to print, and click to highlight/select it.

Step 7.  Click “Print” on the right side of the screen

Step 8.  Select desired print settings (color, double-sided, etc.)

Step 9.  Press the blue “Start” button