Where Did This Idea Come From?

Business Lounge

By Robbin Orbison

I am frequently asked how I came up with the idea for CapeSpace. The first part of the answer is, as much as I might like to take credit for it, the concept of shared workspace was not my idea. It has been around since the 1970s, and over the years has grown in popularity and branched into multiple styles, the two most well-known being the executive suites/business center model and the co-working model.

As for opening a shared workspace operation specifically on Cape Cod, I got that idea by having some background in the industry (I worked for a developer/owner of commercial office towers who included business centers in the towers), and by perceiving a need through my own frustrations with working from home and through discussions with local chambers of commerce and other business people who were interested in such a use here on the Cape.

The space was designed to look and feel professional while still recognizing the seaside resort nature of the Cape environment. I like to call it “coastal professional,” and it is largely the product of the fabulous design team at Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio and Raber, most notably office interiors specialist Paula Drury.