Try a Workation on Cape Cod This Summer!

Group of sailboats

By Robbin Orbison

I have always been aware of the term “working holiday”, but did not realize until recently that the working holiday is more than just a concept. It’s an actual program that some countries offer, essentially an extended visa for people who want a live/work experience in a foreign land.

More recently, the term “workation” is emerging, and presents an enticing option for today’s workers who increasingly feel that the truly disconnected vacation is no longer feasible.

Since so many of us can work from anywhere, why not do it in a beautiful place close to leisure activities you enjoy? Coworking centers like CapeSpace are popping up in resort areas around the globe, offering the workationers functional, flexible workspace with all the amenities of the modern office, complete with Starbucks coffee and high-speed internet.

So this year, instead of planning a two-week stay in your vacation rental or second home on the Cape and stressing about not being able to turn off work, plan a much longer stay, and allot some time for work at CapeSpace. Workationers report getting more enjoyment out of their vacation environment, and appreciate the long periods of uninterrupted work time, making them feel both more rested and more productive. What could be better?