September 2017 – Melissa Bunis

Melissa Bunis Headshot
What is your name? Melissa Bunis
What’s your current job? Owner of Boston Stone Restoration. 
What do you love most about it?  Fixing problems and making customers happy.
How long have you been a member and can you describe what services you use? 
Since May of 2017. We use the address only currently, but are planning on adding a Sales rep to concentrate on building business on the Cape and the Islands.
How has being a virtual member helped you and your business? People like to work with local folks. Even though our headquarters isn’t on the Cape, they like to see that we have a local address.
When not working, what do you like to do? Travel, cook and go to the beach!
Guilty Pleasure: What can you not live without? Ice cream.
Favorite Movie?  When Harry Met Sally
Favorite Book? The Art of Racing in the Rain
Favorite TV Show? Right now I am hooked on Game of Thrones.
What is one thing that you would like people to know about you? I am actually pretty shy, but I try to be as outgoing as possible.