Reasons Why Co-Working Might Be Right for You

Business people around a desk

Some freelancers remain skeptics as to whether renting a desk at a coworking space is right for them, but there are actually many reasons why it might make more sense –  or be more appealing – than the traditional home office.

Those who question the value of coworking typically talk about the freedom that comes with being able to work from home, and the extra cost that coworking adds. While these concerns are valid, such individuals may be overlooking tremendous coworking benefits that could outweigh any downsides.

Yes, there is freedom that comes with working from home, such as working in your pajamas, starting and ending your workday whenever you want, or changing your scenery and working outside as desired. But as the months go by or as your business grows, remote working may get boring, or you may discover you need a more professional setting in which to meet with clients.

Additionally, it can be difficult to network and meet new prospective clients when you work from home. By sharing workspace with other freelancers, you can collaborate with them and potentially get referrals from them. This added exposure will likely bring in more and bigger clients, whose extra income could offset any additional costs associated with renting a workspace.

For many individuals, being surrounded by other freelancers provides extra motivation, creativity, and accountability. These people like the energizing feeling and productivity that comes from being stimulated mentally and socially by other professionals.

If you’re still not convinced that coworking is for you, most places have flexible plans that let you explore your options. You could ask about a day pass or a discounted trial period. If you decide after a trial that it’s not a good fit for you, you can just cancel your membership at the end of the month.

While it’s true that there are both advantages and disadvantages to using coworking spaces. much of this has to do with one’s own unique personality and needs. Some freelancers are able to be very productive at home, and prefer isolation to a more collaborative environment. But even they can be pleasantly surprised by giving coworking a try and discovering the professional value of new networking opportunities that they hadn’t anticipated.

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