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We hope you can find one item below that can help your office work life! We are not affiliated with any of the companies listed in the links below. The links are merely a starting point for you to understand the products and apps better.


Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses – $20+
Computers contain a harmful blue ray that can cause eye strain. These glasses filter out the blue light and can reduce eye strain.
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Timeular – $99
Timeular a 8 sided device that helps track your time. It’s hard to explain, click the link below to learn about it!
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Keyboard Attachment for iPads – $99+ (Depending on iPad model)
Conveniently converts your iPads into a laptop.
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Standup Desk – $230+
Switch up your work day by standing throughout the workday. Most stand up desks are adjustable so that you can transition from sitting to standing whenever necessary.
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Ball Chair – $45+
This chair helps you stay comfortable throughout the day, and eliminates slouching!
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Posture Corrector Brace – $14+
Reduce back pain and improve posture with an adjustable brace that can be concealed under your clothing.
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Posture Corrector Monitor – $80+
Unlike the brace, this monitor is more discrete. The monitor is placed on your back between your shoulder blades and connected to a phone app that will help track and monitor your posture. When you are slouching the device will zap you to correct your posture.
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Dual Monitor Display – $80+
Working with two monitor displays can increase your productivity substantially. Most laptops are equipped with a HDMI cable which will allow for a second monitor display.
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Sound Eliminating Headphones – $90+
When it is time to focus sound eliminating headphone can help productivity.
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Fitbit – $89+
The Fitbit is helpful in an office workplace for one as a watch and two as a step counter. The step counter lets you know how many steps you should take a day for a healthy lifestyle (especially important since office jobs tend to have very low step counts).
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Adobe Fill & Sign Mobile App – Free
Makes any document into a fillable form; something not easily done on a laptop.
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Pocket Glasses – Free
Handy magnifying glass. Great for reading serial numbers on equipment.
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Canva – Free Basic Plan
Design anything. Social Media graphic, Poster, Trifold, Logo, Presentation. Options are endless.
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Freshdesk – Free Basic Plan
Emails don’t slip through the cracks with Freshdesk. Each email comes into the system and is dealt with accordingly.
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Evernote – Free Basic Plan
Evernote is cloud based note taking app. It’s a stable and clean tool for quick idea or client/persona note capture, has a couple of good supporting apps; including a white board and page scanning app, and they run a solid ‘freemium’ pricing model, so casual or even individual business users can use the app for free.
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MileIQ – Free Basic Plan
Allows you to capture and track and classify miles driven. Swipe right for business drives – swipe left for personal drives.
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SLACK – Free Basic Plan
Slack is a communication hub for work. Conversations can be categorized within “channels” or to do a direct connection phone call, video call or screen share right within your conversation. Slack is extremely valuable to productivity.
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Outlook Email Rules & Templates – Free
These help outlook users be more efficient.
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One Pass – $2.99/mo
One Pass saves all your passwords in secure format and it is used an extension to any browser. You can access all your passwords by entering one master password. Easily maintain, update passwords, and maximize efficiency.
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Noisli – Free
Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment
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