Pets in the Age of Quarantine: CapeSpace Edition (Week Three)

Pets of CapeSpace logo with animals at the top

As we inch closer to summer and we begin to slowly return to normal, we have reason to celebrate. Of course, the past few months have given us another reason to do just that — they’ve brought us closer together to the pets in our life.

From our President Robbin Orbison to our CapeSpace members, we’ve seen those animals in action (okay, some have been relaxing while we’ve been hard at work). We’ve featured them twice already. You can view the first week of submissions here and the second week here.

We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we have. And if you a pet that has made the quarantine a little less stressful, send us your photos at with details, from the basics (their names, breed, and how long you’ve had them) to the specifics (how they’re helping you cope and any interesting anecdotes).

Pina the CatPina

A Zoom star in the making!  

When attorney Heather Ward jumps on Zoom, her 9-year-old cat usually takes center stage.

Pina has also been Heather’s constant companion, listening to her occasional complaints about life and work, and cuddling with her at the end of each day.



Emma & HarleyEmma and Harley the Dogs

Inseparable companions surviving the quarantine together 

Emma, a 13-year-old blue-gray rat terrier, and Harley, a 15-year-old chihauhau deer-type, have been lifelong friends.

Despite slowing down with age, the two have not lost their guard dog instincts. Harley barks at people. Emma at animals. Depending on which one barks first, owner Will Shain, writes that “we can tell if it’s a person or an animal in the yard.

“This morning, Emma led the way as two deer entered the yard,” he continued. “Friday, it was Harley who started upa s the mailman came into the yard.”


Meet Midnight Mail and Print’s Mascot   

Bandit’s favorite time of the day are the car rides to and from work with his faithful owner Ron Johnson.

We’re not only celebrating Bandit’s hard work, but Ron’s business, Midnight Mail and Print which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020! Congrats, Ron!



RoxyWickel the dog

Fun Fact: A pet makes a home more valuable 

How much is that doggie in the window? We think she’s priceless. And we’re sure that owner (and Realtor) Corinne Wickel agrees.




Moxie the Dog with Randi Potash's daughter and future son-in-lawMoxie

A future ring bearer!

We’ll end our pets of quarantine with a hopeful, uplifting story — seconds after Randi Potash’s daughter and future son-in-law got engaged (and just prior to the pandemic taking hold), her dog Moxie was by their side to celebrate.

We wish them the best of luck and hope that Moxie is involved in the wedding — maybe as a ring bearer?!