Members Tout Benefits of a CapeSpace Business Mailing Address

Over the past year, employees have demonstrated they can work remotely while remaining productive, even in the most stressful of times.

It’s a lesson that many small business owners who work from home have known for a long time. While working from home offers a number of advantages, there are several drawbacks.

That’s where CapeSpace’s Business Mailing Address membership can come in handy. It allows business owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to add a level of professionalism to their company. For a small investment, this membership can also bring exposure to your business while connecting you to other like-minded professionals at our Hyannis and Mashpee locations.

Recently, two CapeSpace members talked with us about how their Business Mailing Address membership has elevated their professional work and why they recommend it to others looking to grow their business.

Bill Bessette HeadshotBill Bessette
Bessette Financial

Before CapeSpace’s Hyannis office opened in June 2016, Bill had met our Founder and President Robbin Orbison at an event hosted by the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce. “She told me what her plans were and what she was envisioning to do and I thought, this is pretty interesting,” he recalled. “I went to their ribbon cutting and said, ‘Wow, this is fantastic.’ I told Robbin, ‘As soon as my lease is up, I’m coming to talk to you,’ and the rest is history.”

For nearly four years, Bill has had a Business Mailing Address membership, meaning all of his company’s mail is sent to CapeSpace. We photograph all incoming mail and Bill lets us know which ones he wants forwarded to his home, which ones he wants opened and scanned to him, and which ones he wants shredded. We also offer check depositing services as part of the package.

His membership allows him to meet with clients, when needed, at CapeSpace for a nominal fee. “Having an office setting like CapeSpace, as opposed to meeting a client in a Dunkin’ Donuts or a Panera, that is more of a professional way to meet somebody and have a business meeting,” he said. “To me, CapeSpace is a homerun.”

Being a member at CapeSpace, he said, has eliminated the high costs and headaches of leasing his own office. “Before this, I was paying rent for something I wasn’t using,” he said. “It seems so much more efficient to have this membership and only pay for the physical space when I need it.”

Having owned his company for the past 23 years and been in the financial services industry for over 30 years, Bill said he likes “working with people and helping them prepare for retirement and making good financial decisions so they can enjoy their retirement years.”

Anthony Colletti headshotAnthony Colletti
Consult Colletti

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more enthusiastic about CapeSpace than Anthony Colletti, who has had a Business Mailing Address membership since we opened in 2016.

“CapeSpace attracts a certain type of member – those are generally business-minded people who want to connect and be around other professionals,” he said. “It’s such a professional atmosphere, and it’s a really great place to meet business prospects or clients.”

As a consultant who helps businesses increase their reach, exposure, and visibility, Anthony understands the impact a professional business mailing address can have on a company’s online presence. It allows your company to be listed on Google My Business, which is essential for it to be found in online searches.

“You need to be where your customers are,” Anthony said. “Your customers are on Google. Nine out of 10 people use Google and half of what they’re looking for are local businesses, whether it be a plumber near me, a Panera near me, a professional business mailing address near me, or a salon near me.”

The top 30 percent of all clicks, he said, are from the top three business listings found when searching on Google. “If you’re not one of those three, it’s a problem, but also an opportunity,” he said.

The first thing that anyone with a small business who is operating out of their home should do, he said, is sign up for a CapeSpace Business Mailing Address. “It is structural,” he said. “You build your house on a solid foundation, you should do the same with your [business’s] foundation. That should come first. Once your online presence is sound, then you’re building your business on a solid foundation, long-term.”

The cost of a Business Mailing Address membership, he said, is far less than leasing an actual brick and mortar office space. “If you don’t want to show your home address on Google My Business and you don’t have an office, then you need a virtual address,” he stressed. “You cannot use a post office box for this purpose. It has to be a physical mailing address, which is what CapeSpace is perfect for. It’s a very small expense for what you get out of it.”

Interested in learning more about our Business Mailing Address memberships? Watch the video below, or click here. You can also contact us at for more details on signing up for your own Business Mailing Address membership.