May, 2018 – Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson Headshot

Founder of Good Habits Financial

“My job is to help you form Good Habits with your money”

    1. What is your current occupation?
Founder of Good Habits Financial and Financial Practitioner. “My job is to help you form Good Habits with your money”

    2. What do you love most about your job & why?
I love the relationship with the client that develops over the span of time that you work with somebody as well as their sense of satisfaction when they starts see the results manifest from their efforts.

    3. What has changed in your industry in the past five years?
The industry is always changing as new products are introduced and new features added to products. Keeping up with the ever changing landscape is always a challenge. That underscores the importance to find partners that keep their finger on the pulse of new innovations. Also, the technology around application submission and processing has been an overall positive trend in cutting back on a traditionally paper-intensive business.

    4. How has CapeSpace improved your work life?
Moving into Cape Space was the single best decision I made in 2017. From the first full day I came into the new office (after spending the previous moving and setting up), it immediately felt like my workspace again. I was working from home for about 6-7 weeks and was struggling with the separation on home life and work life. Being at Cape Space snapped be right back into ‘work mode’ and let me keep it separate from my home life. I cannot overstate how big of a difference this made. Another added benefit has been the relationships built with other Cape Space members.

     5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Avid fan of the Boston Celtics; Exercising (cycling in particular when the weather allows); Golf; Bowling; Spending time with nieces and nephew; Beach Saturdays during July and August; Being a Big Brother in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so.

     6. What is your favorite place on Cape Cod?
The stretch of private beaches between Mayflower Beach and Corporation Beach. We have the good fortune to spend many summer days with some friends who live in that area.

    7. If you could invite any three people living or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?
Ayn Rand (admire her vision of what human greatness can be and her ability to share this vision in the form of compelling stories); Babe Ruth (I’m fortunate to have a picture of Babe Ruth holding my paternal grandfather when she was a little girl. Would love to understand the media scrutiny of the time and compare and contrast against the today); Jordan Spieth (Very impressed with the way he handled an enormous spotlight at a very young age. Plus, maybe he would invite me to play Augusta National)

    8. What is your superpower?
My ability not to get caught up in the happenings within the pop culture universe, but still appreciate the product of an actor/actress/musician/athlete etc.