Mashpee Chamber of Commerce Moves to CapeSpace

mashpee common opening for cape space

The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce closed its 5 North Market Street Office & Welcome Center and has relocated to a private office inside CapeSpace at Mashpee Commons, located at 13 Steeple Street.

Since late 2015, the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce has operated out of 5 North Market Street, between Woodruff’s Art Center and Baer’s Pet Depot. The space operated as an office for staff, information and welcome center for visitors, meeting space to various local non-profits, and headquarters for events like La Tavola and the Mashpee Chamber Christmas parade.

Since the changes in public safety measures in March 2020 have restricted the utility of the space for the Mashpee Chamber and its membership, Mashpee Commons suggested the Mashpee Chamber consider a partnership with CapeSpace. Marketing Director of Mashpee Commons, Krysten Kelliher, says “We’re looking forward to seeing the collaboration between CapeSpace, the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce and Mashpee Commons come to life and strengthen with this new partnership.”

Construction of an elevator and additional offices is underway at CapeSpace Mashpee, making room to meet the growing demands of the shared work environment for local entrepreneurs, remote workers, realtors, creators, and now the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce staff. “We’re thrilled to welcome Katy and the Mashpee Chamber to the CapeSpace community. CapeSpace and the Chamber are both here to be resources for the local business community, so we’re really excited about the possible synergies this new arrangement will bring,” shares Robbin Orbison, owner of CapeSpace.

Mashpee Chamber’s CapeSpace office is regularly staffed weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. “It’s an absolute pleasure having other professionals working around me here at the shared office. It definitely helps with productivity,” says Mashpee Chamber’s newly appointed Executive Director, Katy Acheson. Katy has been working solo since Mary Lou Palumbo retired from the executive director role at the end of 2020.

Mashpee Chamber’s new location also offers public access to the ground floor lobby, where free brochures and informational magazines can be collected at any time. Information is also available at, by calling or texting 508-477-0792, and by email to