June, 2018 – Scott Yelle

Scott Yelle Headshot

Meet Scott Yelle

Sales Xceleration Advisor &
Commonwealth Innovation Podcast Host

“Love that I am able to work with companies side by side to jumpstart their sales growth and I can bring lasting change to their company.”



    1. What is your current occupation?
I have two occupations. First is as an advisor for Sales Xceleration. I help owners and CEO’s to unlock their sales potential by being their outsourced or Interim sale leader.
The second is as the host of a podcast that will be called Commonwealth Innovation. It will launch in July 2018. A podcast about entrepreneurship and innovators in Massachusetts.

    2. What do you love most about your job & why?
The variety of companies I get to work with. Love that I am able to work with them side by side to jumpstart their sales growth and I can bring lasting change to their company.

    3. What has changed in your industry in the past five years?
We are the first, nationwide outsourced sales leadership organization. We are forging new ground. Outsourcing and fractional expertise is here to stay in every role in an organization.

    4. How has CapeSpace improved your work life?
It’s a quality, professional space that allows me to be productive. It’s hard to be consistent from home or Panera Bread!

     5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Family, golfing and fishing

     6. What is your favorite place on Cape Cod?
Cape Cod Bay – love being on the water, love the sunsets, love low tide to explore, love the smell, love the Bay!

    7. If you could invite any three people living or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?
Jack Nicklaus – for his love of family, his business sense and his golf game.
Ernest Hemingway – for his stories and his love of the outdoors.
Greg Norton – childhood friend who passed away to young in life. So we could laugh together!

    8. What is your superpower?
Listening – I may seem quiet, but I am listening and observing.