January, 2018 – Josh Richards, Sail Cape Cod

Josh Richards Headshot

Meet: Josh Richards, Executive Director of Sail Cape Cod

“I believe that empowering others to find their sense of self-fulfillment is the most worthy cause.”

1. What do you love most about your job & why?

My favorite part of this job, is when, at the end of the day, I get to talk with our clients and hear the sheer elation and gratitude they feel for the opportunity to be out on the water sailing with Sail Cape Cod.

2. What has changed in your industry in the past 5 years?

In the past five years we have seen a shift from sailing being an elite, yacht club oriented sport, to one that is accessible to everyone, regardless of socio-economic status or level of physical or cognitive ability. We are now seeing a frame of mind where sailing is not being used as a status symbol, but rather as a tool of empowerment.

3. How has CapeSpace improved your work life?

Cape Space has been a tremendous opportunity for us. It has afforded us the opportunity to more efficiently focus on our organizational needs by providing us the space and tools we require, at a cost that is more amenable to what we are currently able to manage.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I take great pride in the work we do at Sail Cape Cod because I believe that empowering others to find their sense of self-fulfillment is the most worthy cause. This is something which I like to continue to work towards in my free time by volunteering with varying organization and helping individuals in their own creative efforts.

  1. What is your favorite place on Cape Cod?

My favorite place on Cape Cod is without a doubt Lewis Bay. Having grown up in Yarmouth, and having sailed on Lewis Bay since I was a teenager; it is a source of great enjoyment, relaxation, and inspiration for me.

  1. If you could invite any three people living or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?

If I could invite any three people to a dinner party, I would invite: Bill Koch, Tom Kennedy (Sperry), Shep and Ian Murray (Vineyard Vines). Lets consider this an invite!

  1. What is your superpower?

Being able to know the right thing to do and when to do it is a tremendous skill to have in business and in life.

This is why my superpower is almost certainly hindsight.