Is Working Remotely Sapping Your Creativity?

I recently came across an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review by Jamie Hodari entitled “Is Working Remotely Sapping Your Creativity?

Hodari made some good points while examining the pros and cons of working remotely vs. working in an office environment. Here are a few golden nuggets that stuck out in particular:

  • “While life without a commute or dress code sounds appealing, are we forfeiting our ability to be creative for a few superficial benefits?”
  • “A creative work life requires social relationships and serendipitous interactions. It requires contending with ideas you don’t agree with.”
  • “Modern offices designed to fuel social interaction can be hives of activity and creativity.”
  • “Over time, a true lack of robust exchange of ideas can stunt creativity.”

The author concludes with the following observation:

Thankfully, employers with distributed teams, as well as freelancers, are thinking more and more about how to combine the flexibility of virtual work with the face-to-face interaction of a more traditional office. The solution is increasingly to have virtual teams work out of co-working spaces and social office locations around the country, allowing workers to base themselves where they need to be based, but still have meaningful social interactions throughout the day.

I can’t agree more. This was our philosophy behind creating CapeSpace.

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