How to Connect to CapeSpace Wi-Fi


Follow these instructions to connect to our high speed Wi-Fi from OpenCape.

Step 1.

Follow whatever procedure your device uses to locate Wi-Fi networks.

On PC or Mac it will be an icon that looks like this:

Wifi Icon

On IPhone or Android it will be in your Settings menu.

Step 2.

Select “CapeSpace Wi-Fi”

Step 3.

Open a browser and attempt to access  This will bring up the network login screen.

Step 4. 

If you are a member:

Enter your login and password.  If you don’t remember your login and password please see a CapeSpace staff member for assistance.  Once you enter these credentials the network will remember you for approximately 30 days.

If you are not a member:

Enter the day’s access code.  If you don’t have one please see a CapeSpace staff member for assistance.  The code changes every day so you cannot use a code from a previous visit.

That’s it!  Welcome to our super fast, secure CapeSpace Wi-Fi from OpenCape!