How can CapeSpace help your New Years resolutions?

Well, it’s a new month, a new year, and a new decade – with a fresh flurry of New Year’s resolutions. Bold decisions are being made to improve, to grow, and to expand. Unfortunately, setting resolutions is often easier than keeping them.

CapeSpace Can Help

No matter what your resolutions are, partnering with CapeSpace can increase your chances of success. Whether your resolutions are for personal improvements, business achievements, financial freedom or other noble pursuits, the resources and opportunities at CapeSpace can help you stick with your plan and reach your goals. Take a look at these common resolutions, and see how CapeSpace can help.

If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To…

– Be More Productive

The old adage “work smarter, not harder” still applies. Today’s work environment is all about production, and having the right resources lets you get the job done more effectively. At CapeSpace, all the critical tools you need to masterfully run your business are together in one smooth, efficient package. Workspace areas, meeting rooms, mail and shipment resources, message centers and presentation capabilities, all tied together in one facility, lets you accomplish your goals quickly and professionally.

– Expand Your Skills

Take advantage of CapeSpace’s workshops, seminars and business events held throughout the year for our partners. Everything from time management to fraud control to marketing strategies is offered, with a wide variety of other topics in between. Check out the Quickbooks Year-End and Cool Excel tips event later in January to help prepare for end-of-year financial processing. Or just spend time in the comfortable CapeSpace work-study areas soaking up some YouTube online tutorials to take your skills to the next level.

– Make Better Use Of Your Time

Time is money, and every step you can take to harness it in and put it to use will reap big rewards. Unfortunately, even the most efficient workday schedule includes lots of dead time getting from point A to point B. CapeSpace can help. By centralizing your most frequent operations, moving from one task to another is a breeze. Research time, bid development, client meetings, training and more can all take place under one roof – with smooth integration of every component in the flow. A tight, productive schedule can accomplish more, and give you more time for other passions in life.

– Exercise More

When it comes to exercise, getting to your workout is half the battle. Fortunately, both CapeSpace locations have fitness studios nearby to make the trek easier than ever.

In Hyannis, Planet Fitness is scheduled open in January across the street from CapeSpace in the Cape Cod Mall, making a quick lunch workout or after-work session easy and convenient. There’s also Krav Maga Cape Cod, Barnstable Fitness Center, Cross Fit, Evoke Yoga and Cycle, Anytime Fitness and more, giving you plenty of options to fit your schedule and budget.

From the Mashpee CapeSpace location, the Mashpee Fitness Center is located nearby and offers a variety of workout options including a great pool. Also check out Planet Fitness, CrossFit Cape Cod, Anytime Fitness and others. CapeSpace also helps you to better manage your schedule, so you have more time available to fulfill your fitness dreams.

– Eat Healthier

Break out of the fast-food cycle by hitting the fresh, organic markets. Healthy choices are available at stores located near the CapeSpace offices, making it easier for you to access what you really need for any meal of the day.

In Hyannis, there are Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, and in Mashpee check out Rory’s Market and Kitchen. Located right in the Mashpee Commons, their “Eat Good. Do Good.” philosophy sets the standard for healthy living at every angle.

– Meet New People

If your New Year’s resolution is to get out and meet new people, CapeSpace is for you. When you join CapeSpace you become part of our network of business professionals, interacting with others in various fields and making connections that last over time. Share a coffee and a dream with your neighbor, and see how you might inspire one another to reach farther and achieve more. There is still strength in numbers, and encouragement empowers people to succeed.


With or without a New Year’s resolution, CapeSpace offers benefits and advantages for every type of business person all year round. Check out the features and capabilities at all our locations, and find a new home that’s just right for your enterprise. Join the CapeSpace team today!