Get Out Of Your Way: Be A More Productive Freelancer

The dream of being one’s own boss is alive and well in the internet era. A writer or designer for hire can certainly enjoy the fruits of their labor in the form of a fluid schedule and a flexible workspace, but this freedom also requires rigorous self-discipline. There are a few rules that every freelancer can follow to remain effective.

Honest Self-Management

The freelancer plays both boss and employee, which means they must keep themselves on task. Establishing a psychological work zone and work hours helps the mind adapt to work mode and create a flexible workspace. The tough boss within, most importantly, forces the self to take the hardest task of the day and do it first.

Manage Social Media

A smartphone and a reliable wi-fi connection may by the bread and butter of freelance work, but they combine to create the biggest distraction and ruiner of productivity. In order to succeed as a freelancer, one must commit to an unflinching deletion of distractions, including social media and phone calls and texts from friends.

Reach For Improvement–Constantly

Like any business, stagnation is a bad sign. For this reason, freelancers should always up the ante and continue to challenge themselves. Utilizing a shared workspace is a great way for freelancers to separate their homes from their professional space and create a flexible workspace.