Do you know what the 5 hour rule is?!

Entrepreneurs and self-employed are usually great at building their business enterprises, but less focused on self-improvement. Most truly successful people understand, however, the need for personal growth along with business success, and take steps to include programs for building themselves up in their daily lives. One of these programs is called the 5-Hour Rule.

One Hour A Day

The 5-hour rule is very simple. An individual commits one hour a day for personal learning, study and processing time. On a five day work week, that’s five hours a week. This commitment lays a foundation for individual growth and development, allowing the person to consistently cultivate themselves separately from the current business or commercial project.

Establishing The Rule

Most well-known successful people apply the 5-hour rule. Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are all examples of individuals who committed to improving their learning and building their characters on a daily basis. Personal growth as individuals helped them achieve success in every area of life. The 5-hour rule is a powerful way to set that standard and establish a consistent pattern of development.

Applying The Principles

Although there is no cut-and-dried format, and every individual must adapt the concepts to their own personal needs, the 5-hour rule is typically broken down into three primary categories:

– Reading and Study
A consistent, committed reading program is one of the most common attributes of the successful. Reading can be accomplished anywhere at any time, and for as long or as little time as available. Books, magazines and other traditional hard-copy products are always available and can be carried throughout the day to have them handy. Online resources are also abundant. Since most self-workers already carry a smartphone, tablet or computer, the array of online books, ebooks, blogs and other content makes reading on the run even easier. Tutorials and instructional videos are also available for nearly any topic, and can be a great way to pick up new knowledge and inspire new thoughts and ideas.

– Mental Processing
Another common practice of successful people is to commit time to pause and think things through. Allow space to simply review the events of life, to reflect, and to sort things out. Process all the information and knowledge gained each day, and provide yourself a chance to see how you might employ those thoughts in your own life. Allow the teaching to soak in and inspire you in every area of life.

– Application
One of the most powerful aspects of the 5-hour rule plan is setting aside some time to apply some of the new things you have learned. Reach out and experiment. See how you might be able to use some of your new understanding and put it to work in your life. Do a little research on a new idea, and see how well it works. Give yourself permission to fail, and inspiration to succeed in big ways. The results can be phenomenal.

Use Your Facilities

CapeSpace facilities are a great place to begin developing the 5-hour rule in your life. Get away from distractions and other commitments for a few minutes each day, and give yourself a chance to shine. A small commitment today can blossom into great rewards in the future, and set your life on a course for many newfound successes.