December 2017 – Jennifer Cassista & Donna Menegus

Jennifer Cassista & Donna Menegus

1. What is your current occupation?
We are Insurance brokers, we look to find the best product for our clients. Homeowers, auto, motocycles, boats, rental property, flood, business, we do it all. We do not do Life and Health as we are not licensed for that.

2. What do you love most about your job and why?
We love to make sure our clients are well taken care of and prepared for whatever comes their way. Hurricanes,blizzards, ice storms, flooding, rain we have seen it all and have steered our clients through it all.

3. What has changed in your industry in the past five years?
The biggest change we have seen has been the insurance products offered on the internet. As a small independent insurance agency we have seen a few of our clients leave to chase after a premium. We pride ourselves on our customer service and hands on approach.We guide our clients through the maze of insurance products and help them understand what insurance means today. . Often this is lacking with a big internet company. We have also seen a number of clients come back for these very same reasons.

4. How has CapeSpace improved your work life?
In the short time we have been here we have enjoyed the interaction with other business minded individuals. It is a nice opportunity to go from just seeing our two faces to meeting and interacting with other hard working and friendly people.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Jen enjoys catching a Barnstable Squirts hockey game in a cold ice rink and cheering on #6, she loves to sing with her 3 year old nephew and catch bugs with her 5yr old niece.

Donna enjoys spending time with her 10month old granddaughter. Looking forward to her first Christmas.

6. What is your favorite place on Cape Cod?
Donna loves traveling to Provincetown – shopping, eating and the beaches. Jen’s favorite spot is anywhere her family is.

7. If you could invite any three people living or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?
For our dinner party we would invite:
Gordon Lightfoot to listening to his wonderful music. Stephen King, I need to know how his mind works. And Tom Brady, like we need a reason.

8. What is your superpower?
Donna’s is a Super-Grandmother! She can chase the baby around their house, lift her with ease and still manage to sleep a few hours before heading to work. Jen’s superpower is the ability to make a mean, often requested artichoke dip.