Cowork Exchange Program Benefits CapeSpace and Groundwork Members

CapeSpace and Groundwork are excited to announce a reciprocal partnership that will benefit their respective members.

As part of the Cowork Exchange Program, CapeSpace members in Hyannis and Mashpee Commons will get two free day passes per month to Groundwork in New Bedford as well as a 20% discount on hourly/daily room rentals. Groundwork’s members will receive the same perk at CapeSpace.

Sarah Athanas, founder and owner of Groundwork, said the proposal was made as a way for two independently owned coworking facilities to support each other at a time when remote working has become the norm. “Many of our members have clients on the Cape or live on the Cape and commute to New Bedford,” she said. “I think this will be a popular offering, and a way to strengthen the ties between our two communities.”

CapeSpace President Robbin Orbison agreed. “This is a way for our members to conduct their work in an inspiring setting that is functional for them and their clients,” she said. “It also represents a great opportunity for our members to expand their business beyond the Cape. Likewise, we’re looking forward to welcoming Groundwork’s members to CapeSpace where they can utilize our services to meet their remote working needs.”

Orbison said this type of cross-pollination between Groundwork and CapeSpace is indicative of the camaraderie that exists in the coworking industry. “We want to see each other succeed because that shows more companies and individuals are embracing remote working which has a whole host of benefits for the way people not only work, but live,” she said.

Groundwork interior locationSince 2014, Groundwork has served as the South Coast’s only coworking space for remote professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, and nonprofits. Two years later, CapeSpace opened and soon after, Robbin and Sarah struck up a relationship. “I love being able to take our relationship to the next level with this program,” Orbison said. “It’s a great way for two women-owned businesses to support each other and add value for our members.”

“We’ve known each other for a while so this partnership is a perfect fit,” said Athanas, who recently had an opportunity to visit CapeSpace’s new location in Mashpee Commons. “I think Robbin has done a great job, expanding to a second location in the span of three years so she’s clearly doing something right. We’re excited to partner with Robbin and CapeSpace,” she said.