Add Your Event

If you are a speaker interested in presenting at a CapeSpace-produced webinar, you may use this form to submit your topic for review.  Please note the following regarding CapeSpace-produced webinars:

CapeSpace produces webinars for the purposes of:

  • Attracting people to CapeSpace and increasing awareness of our product
  • Providing educational and networking opportunities for our members and the local business community
  • Providing our members and carefully selected non-members the opportunity to showcase their businesses/services

The criteria for selecting speakers for this type of event are:

  • The topic is one we believe will be of interest to our target audience
  • The speaker has presentation experience and can deliver a quality presentation
  • The topic does not conflict with our members’ business interests

The speaker agrees to:

  • Make the presentation primarily educational with minimal sales pitching
  • Limit the presentation to a maximum of 30 minutes (15 minutes will be provided for a Q&A session)
  • Make the presentation for free
  • Promote the event through speaker’s channels

CapeSpace will:

  • Manage the registration process
  • Promote the event through our channels
  • Handle event-day administration and post-event communication with attendees