CapeSpace COVID-19 Policy

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The CDC recommends a multi-layered approach to mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19 in enclosed environments. The layers include:

  • Ventilation & Filtration
  • Social Distancing & Face Masks
  • Surface Cleaning & Hand Hygiene

Based on these recommendations and in accordance with currently standing governor’s orders in Massachusetts, CapeSpace has implemented the measures below to ensure maximum protection from virus spread in our facilities.

Ventilation & Filtration

  • Both locations protected by a fleet of Medical Grade HEPA air purification units.  The Austin Air HEPA filter has been clinically proven to remove 95% of airborne particulate larger than 0.1 microns, which includes COVID-19.   Our system of air purification units has been professionally designed and installed by High Efficiency and CRIMSON Medical to ensure 100% coverage of our facility.  Effective not only against COVID-19 but other airborne pathogens and allergens as well, making our inside air among the purest in the region.
  • HVAC systems are optimized to provide the maximum ventilation possible without degradation of performance and comfort.

Social Distancing & Face Masks

  • Face masks required at all times
  • Common areas redesigned for distancing and partitioning
  • Reservable workstations
  • Limit on non-member space usage
  • Guest registration required for guests of members
  • Reduced conference room capacity
  • Sneeze guards in conference rooms

Surface Cleaning

  • Daily professional cleaning with EPA approved products
  • Utility stations located throughout the space containing hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and paper towels
  • A gym-like policy of wiping down common surfaces before and after use
  • Temporary suspension of conflicting green practices such as non-EPA approved cleaning products and reusable café items