Big Tree Productions Offering Free Video Services to CapeSpace Members

With the growing popularity of video on social media, CapeSpace is giving its members access to professional video services free of charge.

“We’re excited to be offering our members an exclusive opportunity to create video headshots where they get to talk about their business in short 15- to 30-second clips,” CapeSpace President Robbin Orbison said. “With video being such a huge vehicle for businesses to reach people, this is a great chance for our members to stand out from the crowd. This is also another way we are working to support our members through the pandemic.”

The studio sessions are being provided by CapeSpace member Taiki Magyar of Hyannis, owner of Big Tree, which specializes in corporate, nonprofit, and event-based video production.

“In an ever-connected world, videos are becoming more pervasive and necessary for businesses and nonprofits to genuinely and emotionally tell their story,” Magyar said. “Especially now, when the tools to do so are in our pocket, it’s easier than ever to tell that story. But it’s critically important that these videos are done professionally so they tell a better story and maximize the potential exposure of online audiences.”

The video headshot sessions will give CapeSpace members a relaxed setting to tell their story, which they can then share online via social media and email. For some, it will give them access to services they otherwise would not have the capacity to undertake on their own.

Magyar said it will also provide members a comfort level with talking on camera and how the medium can be used to benefit their business.

When it is safe to do so, Orbison said, the goal is to eventually give non-members access to the service, for a nominal fee, as well. “This will give local businesses and nonprofits the ability to walk away with a tangible clip they can use after a short 10-minute video shoot,” Orbison said.

And it will be shot by an accomplished videographer whose list of recent projects have included pieces for the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra, the knack, I.T. Works, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, musician Carly Tefft, and CapeSpace, among others.

A graduate of Sandwich High School and Northeastern University, Magyar has served as the creative director of Sandwich Community TV since 2016. Along with his corporate work, Magyar has served as the director of photography, writer, and director for several shorts shot on Cape Cod.