9 Ways a Virtual Mailing Address Can Improve Your Business

  1. Project a professional image with a real commercial street address on your business card, website and other company materials.
  2. Use your virtual mailing address to obtain a business license. Many towns who issue business licenses will not accept a home or PO Box address.
  3. Use your virtual mailing address for banks, government agencies, and most any party that requires a physical commercial address.
  4. Impress your customers with access Class A professional offices and meeting rooms on demand.
  5. Save all that time driving back and forth to the post office. CapeSpace offers mail forwarding and scanning plans.
  6. Keep your business and personal calls separate by adding a virtual phone to your mailing address plan.
  7. Tap into a network of other professionals and resources.
  8. Get access to copy/print/scan/fax/shred services at lower rates than most standard providers.
  9. Make your budget happy. Virtual mailing addresses are super affordable!