10 Tips for Staying Focused at Work During the Holiday Season

Group of business professionals having lunch

The holidays are upon us! We all love the festivities, the feasting, and the family time. It’s a great season to enjoy all the wonderful activities. It can, however, become a bit overwhelming, and juggling everything can cause distractions at work. Here are ten tips to stay productive on the job during the holiday season.

  1. Keep your holiday organized. It may be a whirlwind of events, meals and meetings, but reining in the chaos is easier if you sort it all into a plan. Then leave the planning sheet at home, so you can focus while at work.
  2. Turn off your media. Our families may have spread out from the old home place, but with all the technology today we’re more connected than ever. It seems like someone always wants to contact us, even at work. Shut those devices off and stay focused. Your cousin can brag about her pies after hours when you have more time.
  3. Pick your hardest jobs first. Take on your most difficult tasks early, while you’re freshest. Work through those projects, then the rest of your day can flow like a breeze.
  4. Use the Pomodoro technique. Work intently for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. After four cycles, take 15 minutes off. This technique breaks your day into bite-size portions, making it easier to digest. You’ll probably handle it better than that big family feast coming up in a few days. Don’t worry, overfilling your plate is a holiday tradition, just try to avoid it at work.
  5. Create a new music playlist. Give yourself some fresh tunes to keep your mind sharp and on track. Pick up the pace if you’re slowing down. Try something new!
  6. Change your area. Rearrange your desk or work area to create a fresh environment for you. A new look to your station can keep you sharp and beat the doldrums. It’s a great time to try a day at a coworking facility where you can really get distraction-free and reap the benefits of a venue change for productivity.
  7. Reposition. Change how you are sitting or standing. Adjust your body, seating or posture every so often to help you feel alert and aware. Most chairs have adjustments, try some different positions to freshen you up.
  8. Organize your workload. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish today and set a rough schedule. Refer to it often to motivate yourself to finish. Maybe even add a small reward at the end of the day for making your own quota or achieving your goals.
  9. Move around. Take a short walk on your break times, even just to the water fountain and back. Loosen up your legs and get that blood flowing again. It’ll help you wake up and feel alive again.
  10. Get some rest. Slow down. Don’t let the holidays overwhelm you. You’ll enjoy them more if you don’t overdo it, and it’ll help you focus at work. We all could use a little more peace on earth.