CapeSpace: The Perfect Solution to Working from Home with a Spouse in the Next Room

Man on computer with woman over the shoulder yelling

The freelance and work-from-home economy is experiencing rapid growth. This means that in many cases, working couples must learn how to share both their living and professional space.

This can be challenging, even for husbands and wives who enjoy each other’s company. It’s even more difficult when the space you share is tight, or when one or both of you begins acting like a manager toward the other.

Even those who don’t mind spending 24/7 together could benefit from separate offices to accommodate contrasting work styles.

Enter the shared workspace concept. This option allows you to work independently while sharing space either loosely or closely with other professionals.

It encourages teamwork and brainstorming when desired, without resulting in a feeling of claustrophobia or frustration due to lack of personal space.

And look at it this way: even if you enjoy being around your spouse a lot more than you do being around other coworking peers, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’ll appreciate your other half a lot more after being away from him or her during the day!

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