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What do you call a press release from a cat? A press kit! While Erica Waasdorp likes to start her day reading the news, it’s her cat Mientje who gets…


More naps. Less work. Financial planner Justin Green’s mini-Australian shepherd is tired of all this social distancing. Meanwhile, Justin can’t wait to return to CapeSpace

Sir Gareth

“Let’s watch Tiger King one more time” Photographer Saraphina Churchill’s tiny tiger has “kept me from going completely insane because he’s so darn cute. And he’s been inspiration for work.”…
Rockie the cat


Owner: Dr. Melanie Barron – “Put down the phone and give me a treat!” Dr. Melanie Barron’s cat Rockie has assumed the role of supervisor, letting his owner know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play.

Bristol the dog sitting on the couch of John Consoletti's home.


Owner: John Consoletti – Bristol likes nothing more than getting a little love after a hard day’s work. Like many pets, nine-year-old Bristol is enjoying nothing more than being home with her family.

Bea the cat playing with a toy mouse.


Owner: Rachel Avenia – All work and no play makes for a dull day! Artist Rachel Avenia knows exactly when it’s time to stop working — her cat, Busy Bea, bring her mouse and her string toy to her faithful owner. That’s when it’s time for a much-needed play break.

Freddie the dog lounging outside at Daniel Button's home


Owner: Daniel Button – Taking his 15-minute afternoon break. Freddie deserves it. He’s been working hard these days. “Working at home and having Freddie around has been great,” Daniel Button tells us. “He interferes with work and wants constant attention now that we are home all the time and I don’t mind at all.”

Max, a golden mix, lying on the couch in the Safferstone's home.


Owner: Mark and Sharon Safferstone – Max is Mark’s companion on neighborhood walks. And he’s Sharon’s gardening supervisor. Well, he lounges in the backyard while Sharon tends to the garden.


Owner: Robbin Orbison – This is Boo. He is a two year old Maine Coon and a retired champion show cat. Despite his days on the show circuit he is very shy and has been named after Boo Radley, Plus we think he also looks a little like friendly ghost.


Owner: Haley Cote – Oreo, aka “Bita Boo,” has always been sassy, but in her older age she’s proven to be quite the lovebug.