How CapeSpace Can Help During the Pandemic Shut Down

Use Our Internet for Your Web Conference

CapeSpace has increased bandwidth to accommodate an increase in the volume of web conferencing sessions. If you need to conduct remote meetings by web conference and do not have sufficient connectivity in your home or other place of business, we can provide a private room in which you can use our fast, reliable internet service provided by OpenCape. Rates for our clean, private rooms are only $15 per hour for non-members and $12 per hour for members.

Use Our Web Conferencing & Teleconferencing Tools

There are free versions of these tools (such as Zoom or Go To Meeting) but they often come with limitations on variables like number of participants and length of meeting. If you don’t have a web or tele-conferencing tool that is sufficient for your needs, we are offering our members FREE use of our tools. We can even help you set up your conference.

Use Our Mail Service & Stop Going to The Post Office

If you’re still using a PO box this is a good time to switch to a CapeSpace virtual mail plan. During normal times we scan a picture of your envelopes to an app where you can choose forward, open/scan, hold for pickup, shred, or recycle. During the stay-at-home order we are automatically forwarding mail once a week and working with clients individually to arrange safe package pickup. View our virtual office pricing to check out our mail plans! During the shut-down we are waiving handling fees so in addition to your membership you will pay postage only.

Use Our Deposit Service & Stop Going to the Bank

If you sign up for our mail service, you can add on our deposit service. You provide us with a supply of deposit slips and the mail deposit address for your bank. We will automatically mail in the deposit and send you copies of the check, deposit slip and any remittance advice included with the payment. Cost for this service is only $2 per deposit.

Use Our Administrative Support Service

Our staff is fluent in most major applications and can help you with light administrative support as long as it can be done remotely. Cost for this service is $40 per hour.

Use Our Message Board to Stay Connected

Did you know you can use our Message Board to stay in touch with the CapeSpace community during the pandemic? This is a members-only service which you can use to promote your business or just connect with others. Just log on to your account and locate the Message Board on the left hand menu. You can set your Message Board preferences under your Member Profile in the Login section.

Let Us Help You Get Your Message Out

If you are a CapeSpace member you can take advantage of our mailing list and social media presence to promote your business. We can help you organize and promote a webinar or online event, and we can post and share announcements or blogs for you.

Get 50% Off Remote Computer Support

Through our friends at Cape Cod Office Consultants, CapeSpace members are eligible for 50% off any kind of computer support that can be done remotely, including remote workforce setup assistance. Visit Cape Cod Office Consultants Website to learn more about this service and to open a support ticket.

Contact us for more information about any of these services by emailing us at You can also call us at 508-202-1680 and leave us a voicemail that will be returned within 30 minutes.

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