CapeSpace Members Celebrate Being Back

For a few months, the pandemic forced CapeSpace to temporarily close and our members to work from home. In the midst of that shutdown, our CEO Robbin Orbison and staff worked on a plan to safely reopen so members could return to their office at CapeSpace without jeopardizing their health.

Plexiglass shields, cubicles with defined partitions, and hand sanitizer placed throughout both of our Hyannis and Mashpee locations were just some of the measures we implemented to ensure the safety of our staff and members.

Since we reopened in July, both new and longtime members have taken advantage of our coworking space and the amenities we offer to improve their productivity and return to a sense of normalcy. We caught up with three of them to see what they missed most during their time away.

Justin Green professional headshotJustin Green (CapeSpace Mashpee Commons)

Certified Financial Planner at Four Ponds Financial Planning

 Since December, Justin has worked out of CapeSpace’s Mashpee Commons location. It’s an ideal setting for Justin and his colleagues at Four Ponds Financial Planning to meet with clients “where they can enjoy the amenities of the Commons before or after a meeting with us,” he said.

The space itself offers Justin a connection to other professionals. “It’s kind of motivating to see everyone else working hard and kind of follow suit,” he said.

It was an environment that Justin missed for roughly three months this year when CapeSpace was closed to the public. While working at home had its benefits, Justin admitted, “it lacked the resources you would have in an office setting. And there were more distractions and it was a little bit less of a professional environment.”

Since July, Justin has been back roughly three days per week where he can focus on his work without the distractions of home. At CapeSpace, he’s able to continue the work he is so passionate about. “I love working with clients and helping them reach their financial goals,” he said. 


Warren Rutherford HeadshotWarren Rutherford (CapeSpace Hyannis)

President of The Executive Suite

 “Working from home is different,” Warren told us. “I’ve always been more productive in an office setting.”

It is why Warren was so eager to return to CapeSpace when we finally reopened. “Part of my routine is to get out of the house, go to the office and then go home at night,” he said. “I’m there pretty much every day. It works well for me.”

Warren, who has owned The Executive Suite since 2009, became a CapeSpace member in April 2018. It was the perfect fit for his company, which had previously operated out of a roughly 1,500-square-foot office on Airport Road. “I didn’t need that large of a space,” he said. “I needed a desk, a phone, and a computer.”

He praised Robbin and the CapeSpace team for its efforts in creating a safe place for him and his fellow CapeSpace members to work. “Robbin has done a great job changing the place to make it pandemic-proof,” he said.


Aron Wittkamper HeadshotAron Wittkamper (CapeSpace Hyannis)

Director of Customer Support at Numerated

Over the past two years, Aron has enjoyed the amenities that CapeSpace offers. Even in November, when he landed a new job at a tech startup in Boston, he found time to come in at least one day a week.

When the pandemic hit in March, he started working at home full-time. With CapeSpace finally reopened, he is eager to make his return to CapeSpace. “I miss the people,” he said. “It is nice having an office to go to with people you know. It is a great environment to get things done, be productive, and make connections with other professionals.”

With concerns over COVID, Aron said he has no immediate plans to return to his previous commute, which included driving into Kingston and taking the commuter rail into Boston. “I’m not getting on a train until there’s a vaccine,” he said.

He said the pandemic has shown companies that workers can be productive while working remotely, making facilities like CapeSpace even more important to professionals like him. “Before this, my company was a hybrid mix of in-office and remote work, but the majority of people worked in the office,” he said. “They’ve found out through all of this that we’ve been able to thrive, be productive, and do our work remotely.”

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