A Letter Update To Our Members

Letter with Heart on It

Hello Everyone,

First let me say that we really miss all of you and we hope that you are all safe and healthy. Let me bring you up to date on what is happening at CapeSpace.

Current Status

We are currently open for members only. We are not taking walk-ins and we are not taking meeting room reservations for non-members. Our staff is working remotely most of the time, with one of us stopping by each office a few times a week to check on the space and pick up the mail.

There are only a few of you who are using the space on a regular basis, so there is plenty of room to space out. During this time, we are asking you to use common sense. If you are sitting a clearly safe distance from your nearest neighbor or in a private room, you do not need to wear your mask. But please put your mask on if you plan to move about the common areas in ways that will cause proximity with others. Please also observe hand washing protocol as recommended by the CDC. We have placed hand sanitizer throughout the space, as well as disinfectant wipes and spray bottles in areas with significant common touch points like the coffee and copier rooms. Pretend you are at the gym and wipe down the equipment before and after use.

Next Phase

We are planning a full reopening on July 6 and will be issuing a formal health and safety statement before then, but to let you know what we are planning here is a preview:

  • All our common area workstations will be spaced out by at least six feet, and where that is not possible they will be partitioned.
  • All common area surfaces will be professionally cleaned and disinfected daily with EPA-approved COVID-killing products.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations will be located throughout the common areas.
  • Masks will be required when moving about the common areas and we will have masks available for those who need them.
  • We will be increasing certain amenities throughout the space – for example wastebaskets within a few feet of every workstation – to minimize the amount of walking around members need to do.
  • We will be adding directional signage to manage foot traffic flow and minimize bumping into others where possible.
  • Our staff will continue to work remotely part of the time and wear masks when onsite.
  • Doors will be kept locked at all times to prevent unauthorized guests from entering (Business-hour Kisi access will be granted to all members and a process will be in place for receiving guests).
  • We will maintain a strict policy that anyone not feeling well needs to go home immediately.

As I am sure you are aware, the pandemic situation is far from over and the guidelines from health agencies and state government are changing daily. We will continue to monitor these guidelines and follow them to the best of our ability. The health and safety of our employees and members is our top priority. Thank you for bearing with us during these unprecedented challenges and thank you for doing your part to keep CapeSpace a safe and productive environment for everyone.

Hoping to see you all soon,


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